Iscasoft Payroll Software

Our Software will give you peace of mind for any payroll processing you need.

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Payroll Software

Our product provides features that you expect from a comprehensive payroll system including being able to talk to a real person when you need help.

On-Premises Payroll

Installation to laptops, desktops and a Server, allowing a multitude of easy installation options.

Off-Site Cloud Server Payroll

Installation on your own Private Virtual Cloud Server at a fraction of the cost of other Cloud Based Systems.

Once a Year Easy Payment

Your yearly subscription enables the unlimited use of Iscasoft Payroll® for 12 months from the initial date of purchase.

Subscription renewals are also discounted.

No Hidden Extras

The subscription includes Upgrades, Phone, TeamViewer and AnyDesk Support at no additional cost.

You are automatically notified of all included product updates and upgrades to keep you up to date with the latest tax tables and other legislative changes.

Easy to Use

Iscasoft Payroll is designed for non-IT experts and comes with an easy to navigate and intuitive windows interface.

All of the employee details are stored on a central screen with a series of tab cards making it very easy to find information.

As with all our products, menus come in both drop down format and icons for easy access.

Many of the features also come with wizards that guide users through potentially difficult processes quickly and easily

Employee Details

Iscasoft Payroll speeds up the process of entering new starters by using employees which have all common details already completed, leaving you to fill in the unique personal details.

Employee details are captured via a wizard screen with prompts for each section, making data entry accurate and simple.


Iscasoft Payroll allows you to classify employees by Job Title, Grade, Category and Department, pay points, Trade Unions etc.

The lookups section allows you to create the user defined classifications as needed, including disciplinary types and actions.


Iscasoft Payroll comes with a fully user-definable payment & deductions section. Allowing you to enter as many payments and deductions as you wish.

You can easily allocate Income and Deduction definitions directly to employees or via the definitions profiles created.

Definitions are categorized by Normal Income, Allowances, Deductions, Fringe Benefits, Lump Sums, Employer Contributions, Tax Deductions, UIF and SDL deductions.

Pay Profile

Iscasoft Payroll allows you to create individual pay profiles or group profiles by any classification you require. With Pay Profiles you can define rate of pay, payment frequency, overtime rates, hours of work and much more.

Definitions Profile

Iscasoft Payroll Definitions profile allow you to group selected payment and deduction definitions, and link them as a unit to specified employees.

This gives you the option to create a definitions profile for a Job Category, Job Type or any such category you wish.

Leave Profile

Leave Profiles can be set up for individual or a group of employees. The leave profile allows you to create leave types, entitlement and carry over limits. You can create as may leave profiles as you wish.

Payroll Processing

Payroll runs are created by batch for each payment period, allowing you to make changes to the payroll run before posting.

You can generate a default payroll run for all active employees, simply amending the data as required for any employee where the standard rates don't apply.  i.e: short time / overtime etc.

You can add ad hoc payment or deductions at processing time, including leave pay, bonus pay and leave taken. In addition you can create individual leave or bonus pay slips.

Rollback to a selected payroll batch is supported by an administrator, allowing easy changes / corrections to be made before payroll finalisation.

Import / Export

Iscasoft Payroll has importing of Employee Details from EasyFile text files, or from data captured in Excel in a user defined format.

Export files for EasyFile (IRP5/IT3a), UIF, General Ledger and MEIBC/MIBFA.


Iscasoft Payroll comes with a library of reports already built in including reports on pay slips, summaries, bank EFT, coinage, multi period reports, leave reports and costing reports.

And if the report you require is not in the format required, the ‘Custom Report Writer’ allows users to design and print user-defined reports in minutes.

All Reports can be exported to EXCEL, WORD, PDF, HTML, CSV and email etc.

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